Our Story

Lir Bermuda was founded in 2016 to fulfill the demands of a growing sailing community in Bermuda. With the America’s Cup hosted on the Island in 2017, the interests in the sport grew significantly and so grew the need for proper gear for the sport.

We have since expanded and created a new Bermuda label called Salt Kettle to supply teams, companies, clubs, children and adults with greatly designed swim shirts and rash guards. Most are made from recycled ocean plastics and recycled polyester.


Where does the name come from?

Lir means Sea God in Irish Mythology. The company was named by an awesome Irish sailor girl who sadly left the company and moved back Ireland. It is now owned and managed by the Walker family in Bermuda. The Walkers have roots on island since the 1600’s and are a family of avid sailors!


Salt Kettle is named after a neighborhood in Bermuda.

As far back as 1678 Bermuda started trading salt with Turks Island. Salt was used for preserving meat & fish for long ocean voyages, thus Salt Kettle Peninsular was aptly named. The kettle was a pan area, usually cut out from the rock, where they could trap sea water from high tide, to dry it out for the salt during the low tide.