Gombey Magic - KIDS
Gombey Magic - KIDS
Gombey Magic - KIDS

Gombey Magic - KIDS

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This shirt pays tribute to Bermuda Gombeys. With the colors of a peacock feather (found on Gombey hats), this shirt is a great reminder of the island's culture. 

A tradition that began when black slaves were first brought from Africa and the Caribbean, “Gombey” is derived from an African word meaning rhythm. They were originally intended to perform only on Boxing Day (December 26) and New Year’s Day – the two days of the year when slaves were given a rest from their labors. Today, Gombey dance on Boxing Day, New Year’s Day, as well as other important events such as football matches, at festivals, parades and holidays, at hotels or guest houses and most importantly Good Friday and Harbour Nights (a weekly market held on Wednesday’s during the months of June – September). (source: www.bermuda.com)

This shirt is made from 100% recycled ocean waste, has a soft feel to it, quick drying and breathable fabric and excellent UV protection.